Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer in North Carolina

The North Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners regulate all licensed veterinarians. The goal of this regulatory authority is to ensure that all veterinarians provide care that is by outlined standards. Also, the Board is also responsible for monitoring veterinarians to ensure that they follow the rules of conduct. If you have received a letter from the Board, speak to a veterinarian license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Who Can File a Complaint with the North Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners?

As far as the legal system goes in North Carolina, any resident of North Carolina can file a complaint with the North Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners if they believe that a licensed veterinarian had done something the violated the code of conduct or that put an animal or their owner at risk. The Board is the regulatory authority that will follow up on all such complaints since they are the one responsible for licensing these veterinarians as well as ensuring that they fulfill the Board’s professional expectations. If the Board feels that a violation may have occurred, it can decide to investigate the veterinarian further. This could include a preliminary investigation followed by an even more comprehensive evaluation if the initial investigation reveals incriminating evidence against the veterinarian. However, if you are the veterinarian under investigation, you should not take this matter lightly.


Protect Your Veterinarian License by Hiring a Veterinarian License Defense Attorney

Keep in mind that you have put in years of studying and years of practical training. If you have a thriving veterinarian practice, then there is no doubt that you have also built a good reputation. You cannot allow someone to take that away, especially if you are confident that you have done nothing wrong. At the same time, just because you think you are innocent does not mean the Board will think so too. You will need to ask a veterinarian license defense lawyer to prepare a strong defense for you. For that, you will need to provide them with all the relevant details and make them understand how you work. This information can be very useful when preparing your defense.


What Are The Different Types Of Complaints That Can Be Filed Against A Veterinarian?

Different people perceive things differently. It is a fact that pet-owners can be quite sensitive when it comes to their pets. Even if the veterinarian did not intentionally cause harm to their pet, they might perceive the situation differently and may react in the form of a complaint with the Board.

While there can be many different reasons why someone filed a complaint, the following are the most common:

  • The person filing the complaint may feel that the veterinarian behaved in a negligent manner which resulted in physical harm to the animal or in serious cases, the animal’s death.
  • The person filing a complaint may feel that the veterinarian was not professionally running their practice. This could include complaints regarding failure to supervise the clinic’s staff or failing to maintain proper patient records.
  • May believe that the veterinarian is practicing without a proper license or beyond their expertise.
  • The person filing a complaint may have evidence to show that the veterinarian was committing prescription fraud or was diverting prescription medicines.
  • The person filing a complaint may have knowledge that the veterinarian had committed a crime such as murder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, stealing, etc.


What Should a Veterinarian Do If a Complaint is Filed against Them?

As soon as you become aware that someone filed a complaint, you should contact a veterinarian license defense lawyer. Remember, the fact that the Board has notified you an investigation means they will be looking into the matter. You need to have preparation because you don’t want the Board to intimidate you. You have the right to defend yourself, and you have the right to protect your license. That is why you need to sit down with your veterinarian license defense attorney and prepare a defense strategy. If the Board has asked you to appear in person, don’t panic. Just inform your veterinarian license defense lawyer and face the Board with your lawyer by your side.


What Possible Penalties Could the North Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Impose?

The decision regarding your penalty is dependent on the type of complaint and the amount of evidence against you.

However, generally speaking, the Board could decide to take the following disciplinary actions based on the evidence:

  • Recommend that you join a rehabilitation program if the complaint was regarding drunken behavior or practicing veterinary medicine under the influence of drugs.
  • Reprimand you on your behavior and warn you that serious action will be taken if the offense is repeated.
  • Put you on probation for a certain period depending on the type of violation.
  • Suspending your license for a temporary period.
  • Revoking your license altogether.

If you fear that you might lose your license, talk to a veterinarian license defense attorney immediately.


Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer

Whenever someone files a complaint against a veterinarian with the Board, it is not a small matter. If found guilty, the veterinarian could lose their license for good and could lose their career and their reputation. If you are being investigated by the Board, you need to call the Carolina Law Group for legal counsel. Our veterinarian license defense lawyer will discuss the specifics of your case with you, further investigate the complaint, and more. By doing so, our veterinarian license defense attorneys will equip themselves with all the necessary information they need. If you will have to face the Board. trust our veterinarian license defense lawyer to do it on your behalf.