Professional License Defense Lawyer in North Carolina

There are several professions that require a license before individuals can practice in those areas. Some examples of professions that require a license to operate include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, accountants, lawyers, etc. A regulatory body is monitoring each of these licensed professionals. This regulatory body is the primary authority that issues the license, renews it, monitors it and when required, suspends and/or revokes it. If facing suspension or revocation issues with your license, you need to speak to a professional license defense lawyer immediately.


Why Would a Professional License Be Suspended or Revoked?

Licensed professionals are generally respected in their field of profession. Whenever someone comes across a licensed professional, be it a doctor or an accountant, one tends to automatically respect them because everyone knows obtaining a professional license requires hard work and significant effort. However, with this respect comes expectation. For example, each one of us expects the highest degree of professionalism from our doctor. If we don’t get that, we are disappointed. Sometimes, this disappointment can turn into resentment which in turn could result in a complaint filed against that professional with their respective Board. It is thus a tricky scenario, and that is why licensed professionals often find themselves in situations where their license is at risk. Talk to a professional license defense lawyer if you are facing a similar challenge.

Another problem that licensed professionals often face is they have no control over who might report them to the Board. For example, an accountant who is preparing the end-of-the-year financial statements for a client may not even be aware that the client or a third party associated with that client may have filed a complaint against them. Since there is no restriction on who can and who cannot file a complaint, it is an open field, and licensed professionals can come under the Board’s radar anytime without even being prepared for it. But this is what needs to change. Every licensed professional has the right to a strong defense. They have the right to present their side of the story and to ensure that they don’t lose their right to practice. If you become aware that a complaint has been filed against you, contact a professional license defense lawyer.


What Would a Licensing Board Do If a Complaint is Received?

Each professional license regulatory body has their own system of dealing with complaints. But in general, the process is as follows:

  1. Licensing Board receives a complaint about a professional working in North Carolina.
  2. Licensing Board reviews the complaint and determines if it is worth further investigation.
  3. If not, the licensing board dismisses the complaint and informs the person who filed it that there are no grounds to pursue further investigation.
  4. If the licensing board finds just cause to proceed with the complaint, they will initiate a preliminary investigation. They would also notify the professional that a complaint has been received and that the Board will be investigating it further.
  5. The Licensing Board will ask the licensed professional to offer their side of the story.

If you have received a letter from your respective licensing Board and if you find out that they are investigating a complaint filed against you, you need to speak to a professional license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Types of Violations That Could Result in a Complaint

Here is a list of some general violations that could result in possible disciplinary action by the Board:

  • Failure to follow or abide by the standards outlined by the respective Licensing Board.
  • Engaging in fraudulent and/or deceptive conduct that is against the code of conduct
  • Engaging in any form of criminal activity
  • Any other behavior during work hours and when engaging with clients that is outside the realm of acceptable behavior as outlined by the respective licensing Board.

Talk to a professional license defense lawyer if investigated by the Board. You need to ensure that you have a strong defense. A professional license defense lawyer can help you do that.


Consequences of a Violation and Complaint

If a licensed professional is guilty of misconduct, penalties can range from suspension to revocation. However, you must understand that you are innocent until proven guilty. Even if somebody has filed a complaint against you, this does not mean that you have done something wrong. There are many situations where clients and/or patients misunderstand or misread a certain situation. There are also situations that upset the client or patient with the outcome and decide to file a complaint. As your professional license defense lawyer would tell you, a complaint does not mean the end of your career. What you need is a strong defense and a rebuttal that would show the Board that you have not done anything wrong.

There is no doubt that regulatory bodies that govern licensed professionals have a certain code of conduct. They also have a set of standards that they expect you to follow. Everybody cannot become a Chartered Accountant but those who have certain responsibilities and certain standards that they must follow. Similarly, a doctor takes an oath, and they have to live by this oath. If they don’t, they can face the consequences.

The regulatory body can take different types of disciplinary actions. These include:

  • Probation
  • Monetary fine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Temporary suspension
  • Revocation


Professional License Defense Lawyer

At the Carolina Law Group, we understand what it means to be a licensed professional. Our professional license defense lawyer realizes the value of the license. We realize that you have put in years of hard work and training into getting your license.  Talk to our professional license defense attorney because they are here to help you.

There is evidence to prove that you have committed a violation, the Board will take action against you. Our professional license defense lawyer is here to present your side of the story to the Board. We believe that every professional has the right to a strong defense. You haven’t put in so much time and effort to lose your license without putting up a fight. Let us help you. Call the Carolina Law Group today and schedule your first free consultation with our professional license defense attorney. We promise you that we won’t disappoint.