Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer in North Carolina

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the regulation, practice and licensing of Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the state. The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has a Code of Conduct by which all practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have to abide by. Also, they also have to follow the rules by the local institution where they work. If the Board has informed you that you are being investigated, talk to a pharmacist license defense lawyer immediately.

The profession of pharmacy is complex. Pharmacists have to dispense medicines for multiple patients. Even if they work full-time, the fact is that this is one area of healthcare that has consistent activity. Dealing with constant pressure and having to pay attention to numerous things simultaneously including the right dose, right patient name, age, the potential for allergies and drug interactions and so forth can result in errors. Unfortunately, even if the mistake is accidental, sometimes this can result in a complaint being filed against the pharmacist. Since the Board of Pharmacy has the responsibility of protecting the public, it always takes these complaints seriously; sadly sometimes this can lead to suspension of the license. Talk to a pharmacist license defense attorney if you receive notification of a complaint.


How Is The Complaint Process Initiated?

All complaints against pharmacists working in North Carolina are made to the Board of Pharmacy. When the Board receives a complaint, they conduct a preliminary investigation. The purpose of the preliminary investigation is to determine if the complaint has any merit. If the Board decides that the complaint is serious, the pharmacist will receive a formal letter informing them about them about it.  Talk to a pharmacist license defense lawyer as soon as possible.


How Should I Proceed If A Complaint is Filed Against Me

Once you receive notification from the Board that someone filed a complaint, you need to take this matter seriously. Do not consider the letter as something trivial because it can lead to loss of your livelihood. All the years of education and hard work that you have invested can quickly go down the drain. Whether to reply to the letter of the complaint requires a great deal of judgment. Even if the complaint sounds trivial, your pharmacist license defense lawyer will typically recommend that you not reply to it without consulting with them.

The fact is that sometimes, professionals like pharmacists are so passionate about what they do that the thought of an allegation, which they believe is completely wrong, can make them react. They might respond to the Board, and even if they are truly innocent, they might not know how to approach the Board properly or defend themselves in the right manner. A pharmacist license defense lawyer, on the other hand, can do it more effectively and can convey your side of the story in the right way to the Board. Therefore, before you react and respond without thinking, it is best that you talk to a pharmacist license defense attorney.


Who Can Complain Against a Pharmacist?

Complaints against a pharmacist can be made by the following:

  • Your co-workers
  • Your manager
  • The patient
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Family or friends
  • A doctor or a nurse
  • Another pharmacist

Whenever someone makes a complaint against the pharmacist, the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy will investigate the matter. They will speak to all the people involved and even look at your background to ensure that this is not a recurrent problem. Once a preliminary investigation is done, and the Board feels that the matter is serious, you will receive a formal letter. The Board will not reveal who made the complaint against you or the status of their investigation. The letter will notify you that someone filed a complaint and that you have the right to explain. If this has happened to you, call a pharmacist license defense lawyer right away.


What Can Lead To A Complaint Against A Pharmacist?

Complaints against a pharmacist can arise from many causes which include the following:

  • Working as a pharmacist without a valid license
  • Charged and or convicted of diverting controlled substances
  • Dispensing or selling controlled substances without a valid prescription from a physician
  • Dispensing large quantities of controlled substances for no valid medical reason
  • Failing to supervise junior staff
  • Permitting unlicensed individuals to work in the pharmacy
  • Working as a pharmacist while under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs
  • Charged or convicted of domestic and/or child abuse
  • Criminally convicted of murder, stealing, violence, robbery, rape
  • Convicted of child pornography
  • Convicted of drunk driving
  • Being charged with multiple dispensing errors, like wrong dose, wrong medication, etc. that results in the death of a patient(s).
  • Failing to keep patient and medication records

The violations mentioned above are quite serious. However, there are situations where the situation is not as it seems. If you feel that you are facing false accusations, you have the right to hire a pharmacist license defense lawyer. You don’t want to lose your license, and if you are innocent, you have every right to state your case.


What Type Of Penalties Can A Pharmacist’s Face?

If someone files a complaint, the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy can take disciplinary action against you.

However, the penalty will be dependent on the extent of the violation and its consequences. In any case, the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy can do one of the following:

  • Reprimand you.
  • Place you on probation
  • Suspend your license for a few months
  • Revoke your license
  • Make you pay a monetary penalty
  • Could ask you to offer a public apology
  • Could ask you to enter into rehabilitation if you have a drug or alcohol problem


How Can A Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Help?

A pharmacist license defense attorney can help you build a strategy so that you can still preserve your ability to practice in North Carolina. If you need help in preparing a strong defense, please contact us at the Carolina Law Group. Our pharmacist license defense lawyer can help get the charges and penalties reduced and vouch for your professional character. Your first consultation with the Carolina Law Group is completely free. Call us today so that our pharmacist license defense attorney can help outline the right strategy so that you don’t lose your license to practice in North Carolina.