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Riding your bike is a basic freedom that everyone should be able to enjoy. When you are a victim of a bike accident, it can leave you with injuries as well as property damage. You have rights under the law and a bike accident lawyer in Jacksonville, NC, can help.

Working With A Bike Accident Lawyer In Jacksonville, NC

When you are following the rules of the road and taking all safety precautions, there is no reason that a passing car should hit you or a vehicle fail to see when you are riding your bike. When injured in a bike accident, you deserve compensation, and a Jacksonville, NC, bike accident lawyer can help.
Your bike accident attorneys are there to provide you the legal advice you need to determine if there was negligence in your bike crash with a vehicle. They will guide you through the legal process and answer your questions and concerns about your legal rights. Let your Jacksonville, NC, bike accident lawyer fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve when hurt in a bike crash.
Bike accident lawyers can negotiate with insurance companies and prove the extent of your injuries from a bike crash with a vehicle that failed to see you and hit you on your bike. As a bike rider you have a right to the road and motorists need to remain vigilant when passing or crossing intersections when riders are biking.
When you are injured or suffer property damage due to a vehicle hitting you, compensation is due in your crash case. Allow a bike accident attorney to help win your case and get you the settlement you need to pay for mounting medical bills and repairs to your bike.

Filing A Bike Accident Lawsuit In Jacksonville, NC

Immediately after your bike crash, it is important that you speak to a bike accident lawyer about your case. They can help you determine if negligence was at play by a motorist and help develop a case that proves fault in a bike crash.
You only have a limited amount of time to file a bike crash case in Jacksonville, NC. There is a statue of limitations that dictate the deadline for filing a case where an injury occurred in a bike crash. These cases need filing in the appropriate court within three years from the date of the accident.
While this may seem like plenty of time to file a lawsuit, but the time will go quickly after your crash as your Jacksonville, NC, bike accident lawyers work to investigate your case. Your bike accident attorneys need time to prove negligence of a motorist in a bike crash in addition to time to negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf.
Most bike accident cases do settle out of court, but there are instances when a fair settlement is not reachable. In these cases, your bike accident attorney will recommend that you file a lawsuit in court. This is when you need to abide by the three-year deadline to ensure a settlement award in your bike crash case.
Failure to file your lawsuit within the three-year deadline will result in dismissal of your case without a settlement award of any kind. The judge will not take into account the extent of your injuries or how negligent a motorist was in your crash. For this reason, you want to be sure to speak with your bike accident lawyer in Jacksonville, NC, as soon as possible about your bike crash case.

Proving A Bike Accident In Jacksonville, NC,

Proving negligence in a bike crash in Jacksonville, NC, is challenging. The laws in the state follow a partial comparative negligence ruling that takes into the account the fault of each party involved in the bike crash. This means that you could be determined partially at fault for a crash happening. This percentage of negligence can work against you when trying to secure a settlement award.
The percentage of fault that you have in an accident is reduced from your total settlement award. You need to keep your negligence in a bike accident to a minimum to ensure the maximum payout of your settlement. A bike accident attorney in Jacksonville, NC, will help to establish the negligence of the motorist that hit you. This is key to winning your case and getting the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damages.
If the jury decides that you are 50 percent or more at fault, no settlement will be awarded to you for your injuries or property damages in a bike crash case. It is imperative that you work with a bike accident lawyer that will fight for your rights as a bike rider and develop a strong case a motorist that was negligence in the crash that injured you or your bike.

Compensation For a Bike Accident In Jacksonville, NC

Receiving compensation in a bike crash case can help you recover from your injuries as well as replace your damaged bike. You may have missed work due to your injuries and lost out on weeks of wages and need to recoup these losses. Plus, you may have medical bills that are stacking up due to the crash and the injuries that you sustained. All of these damages are recoverable in a bike crash case, and your bike accident attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you need to recover after a bike crash has hurt you.
There are several types of compensation that you are eligible to recover in a bike crash case. Your bike accident lawyer in Jacksonville, NC, can help you determine which of the following damages you qualify in your case.

Medical Expenses

You have a right to have your medical bills paid after a bike crash has caused you an injury that was not your fault. This includes current medical expenses you have incurred as well as any future medical costs you will have going forward to treat your injuries.

Lost Wages

When you miss time from work to care for your injuries, your settlement award needs to compensate you for these losses. Lost wages are recoverable in a bike crash case as well as any future wages you will lose out on due to your injuries.

Property Damages

You are entitled to have your bike repaired or replaced after a crash has rendered it inoperable. Your bike accident attorneys can fight to get you compensation for property damages that you suffered from the negligence of a motorist in a bike crash.

Pain And Suffering

When a bike crash is especially traumatic, it can cause emotional pain and suffering that you deserve compensation to cover these damages. Suffering from mental anguish and pain does not have to go without compensation as your bike accident attorneys in Jacksonville, NC, can fight to get you a settlement that covers these losses and helps you recover.
There is a limit to the amount of pain and suffering awarded in a bike accident case with injuries. These damages cannot go over $500,000.

Punitive Damages

There are instances when a bike accident is particularly damaging and punitive damages can get ordered in these cases. While rare, punitive damages are a financial settlement that goes above and beyond the total compensation recovered. These damages are used to act as a deterrent to others that may engage in the same risky behavior. A judge will determine if your case qualifies for punitive damages.
In Jacksonville, NC, there are limits on the amount awarded for punitive damages. It cannot be more than three times the total settlement award or $250,000.

What To Do In A Bike Accident In Jacksonville, NC

While no one wants a bike crash to happen to them but knowing what to do when a bike crash does occur can help preserve your case. Because a bike has no protection for the rider, getting hit by a vehicle can be a devastating turn of events. It can cause grave injury and leave your bike badly damaged after an impact. You need to know that your case will provide you the settlement you need to recover from your injuries without affecting your life financially. Keeping your bike crash case intact and proving negligence of a motorist is as easy as follow these steps after a bike accident has injured you or caused damage to your bike.

Get medical treatment
The impact from a driver that has hit you while on your bike can be severe and you may have injuries that need medical attention. Be sure to get the help you need to treat your injuries immediately after a bike crash by calling for emergency medical services. Also, check to see if the driver of the vehicle needs medical treatment as well.

Call the police
You want to be sure to report your bike accident by calling the police. They will investigate the cause of the crash and file an accident report. This report will be critical to your case as it will determine negligence for the crash. You will be able to provide your side of the crash to the officer on duty, and they will take into account all the events that led up to the crash to determine who was responsible for causing the crash.

Exchange contact information
You also need to get as much information from the driver that it you as possible. Be sure to get their name, address, phone, and driver’s license number. You also need their insurance information so you can file a request for compensation for your injuries or property damage. Take note of the vehicle they drive as well as their license plate number. You may need this information if they deny involvement in the accident with you and your bike.

Do not admit fault
No matter the events that led up to the crash, it is important that you don’t take the blame or admit fault for the accident happening. Apologizing or accepting blame for the accident can be used against you later as you try to negotiate a settlement award. It is best not to discuss the crash in any way and let the police decide who is at fault for the bike crash.

Take photos
You need to document the accident as well as your injuries and photos are the best way to do it. Use your cell phone camera to take photos of your bike damage as well as any damage that occurred to the vehicle that hit you. You should also photograph your injuries to show the severity at the time of the accident. This information will prove vital to your bike accident case.

Talk to witnesses
If there were witnesses to your bike crash, now is a good time to find out what they saw. Ask any witnesses to the crash what happened and get their contact information. They can serve as witnesses in your bike crash case, and their testimony is vital to back up your version of the events of the crash.

Discuss your case with a bike accident lawyer in Jacksonville, NC
Immediately after your bike crash, you need to speak with a bike accident lawyer in Jacksonville, NC. An experienced bike accident lawyer can help you determine if the negligence of another motorist caused your crash and advise you on your legal rights. Your bike accident attorneys will work to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and bike damages.

Staying Safe On A Bike In Jacksonville, NC

Staying safe as you ride your bike is the easiest way to avoid an accident that could cause you injury or property damage. While there is no helmet law in North Carolina for bike riders over the age of 16, it is always a good idea to wear a bike helmet at all times when you are riding your bike. This will protect your head from severe injury during a crash with a vehicle.
Plus, wearing a helmet can help protect your bike crash case as the defense will try to prove that your injuries were preventable if you were wearing a helmet. By wearing a helmet at all times, it makes it easier to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries even when head injuries are involved in an accident.
It is also a good idea to wear light and reflective clothing as you ride. Bike rider can be difficult for motorists to see and if you do your due diligence to ensure that you are as visible as possible, it can reduce your chances of being involved in a bike crash. Choose clothing that is bright, light, and includes reflective materials.

You also want to make your bike as visible as possible as you ride and ensuring it is properly equipped with lights when you need them and reflectors at all times can make you more apparent to motorists that may not be paying attention as they drive. Be sure to use your light at night and watch for traffic as you ride.
Staying safe when you are on your bike also relies on you following the rules of the road. Be sure to signal for turns and keep vigilant during intersections as this is where the majority of bike accidents happen. Riding along a car can make you vulnerable on your bike, and you have a right to take up a full lane when turning. This can make you more visible to drivers and prevent a motorist from swaying into your lane.

You also want to make sure that you come to a complete stop at all intersections. Failing to stop can prevent recovery of settlement in your bike accident case. You would be proven negligent for the accident. Keep in mind as a bike rider that you are liable to follow the same laws of the road as the vehicles you are riding alongside. Following the laws of the road will keep you safe and help you should you have an accident with a vehicle that is not your fault.
While you may think it is safer to ride your bike on the sidewalk or against the flow of traffic when in actuality it is more dangerous and illegal. These types of illegal maneuvers can prevent you from receiving compensation in a bike crash case even if you are injured or have property damage to your bike.

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