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A slip or fall in Greenville, NC can occur anywhere. You could be at a friend’s, out shopping at the mall, going out to eat, at home, or at work. Sometimes this slip just hurts, and then nothing else happens. But other times slipping or falling has the potential to cause injuries, some of which can be permanent, especially for the elderly and children. If you have suffered an injury due to a slip or fall, call a slip and fall accident attorney to discuss your case.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that these types of accidents will account for about 15 percent of accidental deaths throughout the United States, putting them just behind car accidents. This means that those injuries that you suffered may have been much worse, but it is still likely that you are dealing with some serious issues anyway.

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

The good news is that when you deal with slips or falls in Greenville, NC, the person or the business who manages or owns the land that you fall on will be legally responsible for doing everything they reasonably can to prevent these injuries. If they are negligent and do not uphold this legal duty, and someone ends up harmed because of this negligence, then the owner is exposing themselves to liability. If you are injured after an accident involving a fall, contact a slip and fall accident attorney to determine your claim.


Who can suffer from slips and falls in Greenville, NC?

According to the CDC, more than one million Americans suffer from slip and fall accidents, and over 17,000 of these people end up dying because of their injuries. These slips and falls make up about 15 percent of all injuries that happen at the workplace as well.


There are a number of things that can cause someone to get harmed and can make it more likely that they will be in an accident. Many of these slips and falls in Greenville, NC, occur because of an accident at work. If you work somewhere, that could have unsafe conditions, such as wet floors at a restaurant, ladders, and building equipment at a construction site, and more, then you are at higher risk for having a slip and fall accident.


The elderly are also more likely to fall. While most people may be able to walk across a wet floor at a restaurant without an issue, for example, the elderly may have trouble keeping their balance. This can be true of getting on ladders and other furniture to reach things and walking outside if the sidewalk has not been salted properly when slick.


Causes of slips and falls in Greenville, NC

There are many different things that could cause slips and falls in Greenville, NC. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include:


  • Unsafe surface conditions
    • Surfaces that are uneven and do not have the right warning signs.
    • Floors that were recently waxed or mopped
    • Loose rugs, floorboards, and mats, especially if they are on the stairs.
    • Potholes that can cause damage in a parking lot.
    • Ice in front of the business that has not been salted.
    • Oil or grease that is splashed and not removed
    • Liquids that spilled and were not cleaned up properly.
  • Unsafe environmental conditions
    • Trash or debris that is left on the floor and could cause someone to trip.
    • Lights that are too bright and reflect off a floor and can cause a glare that may make it hard to see.
    • Cords that are in the way and could cause someone to trip.
    • Lighting that is too dark and will make it more difficult to see what is around you.
    • Desk or cabinet drawers that are left open.
    • An uneven transition from one surface to another, like going from carpet to wood.
  • Stairs and ladders that are not safe.
    • When someone chooses to use a chair, or some other pieces of furniture to reach something rather than using a ladder.
    • Failure to have the ladder secured properly or have someone else hold onto the ladder.
    • Running up and down the ladder or you take it more than one step at a time.
    • No handrail is on the ladder, or you choose not to use the handrail even if it is there.
  • Some unsafe occupations
    • Factory workers
    • Manual laborers
    • Chefs as well as others who work in the kitchen
    • Housekeepers and some custodial staff members
    • Workers who do construction.


Legal Considerations After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you have encountered injury in a slip and fall accident in Greenville, NC and you were injured, you may be able to collect compensation to cover the damages as well as the costs that are associated with these injuries. Each case is going to be different, but there are a few things that you can consider for every case:


Who is responsible: In most cases, the owner of the property could be responsible. This will depend on if the person knew there were conditions that were dangerous or if they should have known about these dangerous conditions. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure their property is safe. However, they won’t be held responsible for slips and falls that could not reasonably be prevented.


Slip and fall accident claims: If you are trying to pursue compensation for these injuries, you must file a claim or a lawsuit for slips and falls in Greenville, NC. When you file this claim, you must be able to show evidence that you were harmed from the slip and fall and that the property owner knew, or should have known, about the condition that caused these injuries.


Slip and fall attorney: You will find that a good slip and fall in Greenville, NC attorney will be important when it comes to receiving the compensation that you are owed. Filing this kind of lawsuit is something frustrating and can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. A good attorney will be able to assist you to get the work done.


Preventing responsibility with a slip or fall: If you own a home or a business, you may want to consider getting insurance that could protect you if a slip and fall accident happens on your property. It is always best to try and prevent these accidents in the first place, but there are times when it happens and is hard to avoid. Having this insurance plan in place can really help to save you.


These slips and falls in Greenville, NC are common, and if one happens to you, or you are being held responsible for one, then it is important to find a good attorney who will listen to the case. Even if you have already received an offer for settlement from the party who is responsible, it is still a good idea to talk to a slip and fall accident attorney to help you out.


Also, you must be careful about the things you do and say after you experience a slip and fall accident. If you speak to the property owner, an insurance adjustor, their attorney or an employee of the business, anything that you could say may be used by them to shift the blame over to you or to downplay the injury. Even something like “I’m ok” or something like “I didn’t see that there” could be enough to help the other party out. It is best to not talk to the other parties or call any attention to yourself. Find your own slip and fall accident attorney and let them help you decide what needs to be done next. A slip and fall accident attorney can give you the guidance you need most to protect your rights to recover damages.


How to Prove Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

There are no hard and fast rules to determine when someone else is at fault for slips and falls in Greenville, NC. Each case will depend on whether the property owner acted in the proper way to try and prevent slips and falls from happening and whether you were careless or not.


In most cases, if you are injured in a slip and fall accident while on someone else’s property, you must prove that the reason for the accident was a dangerous condition. You must also prove that the owner or someone who managed the property knew about this dangerous condition ahead of time. A slip and fall accident attorney can help you prepare a case to show the negligence of the property owner.


What this dangerous condition means is that the conditions need to present a risk that is unreasonable to the person who is on the property. It also must have been a condition that the person who was injured would not have anticipated under normal circumstances. This means that if there are obvious dangers and you were not paying attention, then it is your fault for the accident and not the property owners.


To establish that a property owner knew about a dangerous condition and did not act properly in regards to it, the following much occur:


  • The owner was the one who created the dangerous condition
  • The owner knew that this condition was present, but then failed to correct it or to correct it in the proper way.
  • The condition was around long enough that if the owner had been paying attention, they should have discovered the condition and gotten it fixed before the accident occurred.


In addition, before the property owner can be held liable for the issue, the situation must have been foreseeable that the negligence would create the danger at issue.


Who is responsible

To be able to recover compensation for slips and falls in Greenville, NC, there needs to be someone who is held responsible because their negligence caused the injury. This does sound a bit obvious, but sometimes an accident occurs because of your own carelessness, or because of an unforeseen situation, rather than from the negligence of someone else.


Commercial properties

At times, you may suffer from a slip and fall on a commercial property. In order for the property owner to be legally responsible for that slip and fall on their property they:


  • Must be the ones who caused the torn spot, spill, or other slippery surface or item, to be underfoot and in the way.
  • Must have known that the surface you slipped on was dangerous, but didn’t fix it at all.
  • Should have known about the surface being dangerous because a reasonable person who took care of that property would have been able to discover the danger and would have done something about it to fix the issue.


The third point that we raise above is the most common way to hold someone liable for a slip and fall, but it is not as easy to prove as the others. The liability, in this case, is going to be decided using common sense. To determine this one, the law will also look to see if the owner of the property took reasonable steps to keep the property safe before the accident.


Residential properties

It is also possible to have a slip or fall accident on a residential property. In a residential setting, the landlord could be held liable by their tenants or another party if there is an injury from these accidents on their property. For the landlord to be held responsible for that injury, the tenant needs to be able to show that:


  • The landlord had some control over whatever condition caused the fall.
  • The landlord would have been able to repair the condition without it costing an unreasonable amount or being too difficult to do.
  • A serious injury from that condition was a consequence that could have been guessed if that condition was not fixed.
  • The landlord failing to take the right steps to avoid an accident is the main cause of that slip and fall injury.


Government properties

Whenever you have a slip or fall injury on any property that is owned by the federal, state or local entity, there are some special rules that must be followed. For example, there are stringent notice requirements as well as a broad immunity provisions that help to protect various government entities from being held liable for injuries that occur on government property. If you have a slip and fall accident on one of these properties, it is best to speak with your attorney about the options that are available to you.


What Can Property Owners Do to Prevent Slips and Falls?

These slips and falls in Greenville, NC, are pretty common and can technically happen in any condition. But there are certain things that a property owner must do to help reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall. If you slip and fall because you were not paying attention on a flat surface, then the property owner is not to blame. If you slip and fall after a snowstorm because the property owner did not salt, then they could be held legally responsible. Some of the things that property owners could do help prevent slips and falls on their property include:


  • Reduce slipper or wet surfaces: If there is an area on your property that is wet, mop it up. Make sure that the sidewalks and parking lots are repaired. Get rid of any ice and snow as soon as reasonably possible. Using snit-skip paint and even adding moisture absorbing mats to prevent issues. Wet floor signs are also a good idea in case the floors do get wet after mopping or in bad weather.
  • Get rid of any obstacles: If you keep all passageways and work areas clean and organized, and you make sure that no strings and cables are in the way, it is much easier to prevent a slip and fall accident.
  • Create and keep up with the proper lighting: It is important to keep all areas of the property bright and clean. This way, people are able to see what is around them and will not trip and fall because they couldn’t see.
  • Watch where you walk: Everyone should always watch where they are going. If you are distracted by your children, eating your meal, answering a phone call or a meal, or something else, it is hard to concentrate on what is going on around you, and a slip and fall accident is more likely.
  • Wear the right shoes: Sometimes the reason for the slip and fall is that you are wearing the wrong shoes. If you are at the grocery store and plan to hit the freezer section, it may be best to put on some tennis shoes with good traction, rather than relying on some old flip-flops to do the job.


If you are a business owner or a property owner, it is important to take care of your property to ensure that no one gets harmed. There are simple things that you can do, such as the steps above, to ensure that you take the necessary precautions and that your property stays safe for others to use. Consult with a Greenville slip and fall accident attorney if you have questions about slip and fall liability.

Retaining a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Slips and falls in Greenville, NC, can occur at any time, even in good conditions. While not all slips and falls can result in a legal claim, if you have fallen and are suffering from severe injuries, you could be eligible for legal help from a slip and fall accident attorney. A slip and fall accident attorney can give you the experience you need to get the compensation you need. If you have been harmed in a slip and fall accident, make sure to contact an experienced slip and fall accident attorney at Carolina Law Group today!